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Life After Rowing

Life After Rowing

The Athlete Transition Initiative steering group includes from left to right, George Rossiter, (Vice Captain) Mark Pilkington (leading member of the group) Monica Relph (Athlete Development Advisor and former Leander Athlete) Vicky Thornley (Captain of Leander Club), Nick Middleton, (Former Captain of Leander Club)


Leander Club runs an Athlete Development Programme to help prepare athletes for their transition to full careers after full-time rowing. The programme includes three elements:

•    A one-to-one mentoring link to Members
•    Group sessions on particular subject such as writing CVs, interview techniques, harnessing social media
•    One-to-one career advice sessions

The programme is steered by current athletes, recent past athletes and Club Committee Members and is led by Member Mark Pilkington, a recently retired HR specialist. It’s aim is to better position athletes to get a job or start their own business when their full-time rowing life come to an end.

Leander Members with established careers from any field are encouraged to volunteer their services to assist athletes in various ways such as:

•    acting as mentors
•    helping the athletes research their field of work
•    introducing them to a network
•    helping them find work experience

As at March 2018, 17 of the athletes have made 22 connections with Members as part of the programme.

In addition to connecting athletes with the Members, the programme includes a number of group sessions on topics such as CV preparation, interview skills training and how to position your social media profiles.

Members wishing to explore how they can help athletes in this programme are asked to make contact with Mark at


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