leander club blazers

Our Leander Regatta blazers, can be tailored appropriately for both men or women

Full Shield Blazer

The Full Shield Blazer may only be worn by those Leander athletes and coaches who are Full Members and have represented Leander at competitions, usually this would include Henley Royal Regatta, or as a member of the Great Britain team.



Full Member Blazer

The Full Member Blazer, as its name implies, may only be worn by Full Members. 

Club Blazer

The blazer without pocket badge may be worn by Club Members.


Blazer suppliers

Our suppliers provide different, but complimentary, styles of blazer at a range of prices to suit Members’ requirements.

They have all been instructed to supply blazers only to those Members who provide written authorisation from the Club as to their eligibility for each blazer.

Walters & Co, Oxford

A long-established outfitters and university wear specialist, offering three grades of tailor-finished blazers at competitive prices, representing excellent value for money.

Walters and Co. offer three grades of fabric: Polyester/wool, pure wool (flannel) and fine wool, and Members may be measured at their premises in Oxford or by collective arrangement at Leander. In the first instance Members are invited to make contact with the Group Managing Director, Adrian Palfreyman, who will personally handle your enquiry.

Delivery from the point of order for personally finished blazers is approx. 2-3 weeks, Made to measure Blazers 8-10 weeks.

Walters & Co, 10 Turl Street, Oxford OX1 3DN
T: 01865 241848
E: adrian.palfreyman@shepwood.co.uk
W: www.walters-oxford.co.uk/boating-blazers

Andrew J. Granger, Bespoke Tailor, Savile Row & Henley-on-Thames

The former family business of Walter Norton & Sons Ltd. was based at 16 Savile Row, London, W1.

Andrew, a second generation Bespoke Tailor, is proudly able to offer Blazers to Leander Members either exquisitely hand-tailored Bespoke or fine Semi-Bespoke (fine made-to-measure). Each is a fully measured service, made in the UK from an extensive range of fabrics and linings with a generous 30% discount available.

Fittings can be accommodated by appointment at:

Leander Club,

1st Floor, 36 Hart Street, Henley-on-Thames,

Savile Row London W1,

or at your office or home.

Multiple orders for Crews can be accommodated upon request.

Andrew Granger

T: 01491 907990 / M: 07583 506982


E: info@savilerowsportingtailor.co.uk

W: www.savilerowsportingtailor.com

Rowing Blazers Ltd

Founded by Leander member Jack Carlson, author of the acclaimed Rowing Blazers book.

His company produces handcrafted blazers to a very high standard of finish, using the highest quality materials and the most traditional techniques. Rowing Blazers offers Leander blazers in both cotton and year-round wool flannel, and produce the full shield badge in hand-embroidered gold-wire bullion.

Prices are £299 for cotton blazers and £399 for wool blazers.

Orders are currently open & close on 31st May 2021. The typical turnaround time from order to delivery is 6-8 weeks. Once ready, Members may collect their blazer from the Club or have it posted at cost.

Contact for UK Members:                                    Contact for US Members:
       Drew Poling                                                           Jack Carlson, T: 339.222.3116
     E: drew@rowingblazers.com                             E: jack@rowingblazers.com

W: rowingblazers.com/collections/leander

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