The Illuminated Boat Parade returns for its second outing in Henley on 16th September 2023 at 7pm!

The Inaugural Illuminated Parade at Henley, on September 24th 2022, was  a huge success and wrapped up the summer boating season for Henley residents. Nearly 50 boats took part, with very imaginative lighting, and up to 40 paddle boards. The building and houses houses from the Bridge to Fawley Court were brilliantly  and colourfully lit and up to 2000 spectators watched the parade from both sides of the river and on the bridge.

The parade encourages a fleet of vibrantly decorated boats to meander from Fawley Meadows to Henley Bridge with colourful, illuminated properties on both sides of the river following the course. The entrants will be judged from Leander Club, which will be open for the public to spectate and enjoy in a fun and friendly competition!
We invite locals and boating enthusiasts alike to decorate their boats and come down to see the parade, all whilst enjoying some hearty food and refreshments from Leander.
Although it is not a specific fundraising event, organisers Chris Taylor and Penny Palmano  would like it to be. In the first year, all revenue was gifted by the organisers at £1000 to the charities The Rivertime Boat Trust and the Leander Trust. The charities will be chosen by the organisers each year with a theme of supporting river or water-based causes. Please contact the organiser at

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