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Maddy Rothschild

I came to yoga a little later in life, in my early-forties. The previous 20 plus years I had spent attending countless high impact aerobics classes, often involving weights, and had invested 10 years in various personal trainers who had me doing a wide range of exercises from gentle floor exercises to pushing sledges and even flipping tyres meant for HGVs. In my spare time, I pounded the roads, trying to beat my personal best.

Yet, I still didn’t have the body and flexibility I wanted. The high level of cardio involved often resulted in me stuffing up on carbs after exercise, which meant I then had to keep an eye on my weight. Although I gained muscle, I was starting to look stocky rather than long, lean and toned.

A friend suggested I take up yoga which she felt would enable me to maintain and improve my strength and achieve the long and lean muscular frame I desired. So I can quite honestly say that my initial goals and expectations from yoga were very ‘unyogic’. I saw it as a purely physical practice which delivered results.

Over the years as I have continued to explore the many asanas, or poses, that yoga has to offer, I have experienced delight at what my body can do in terms of flexibility, mobility and core strength. My stamina has improved which has had a positive impact on my running, something I still enjoy. It is truly liberating and fulfilling to realise that your body, the place in which you inhabit, can do as much if not more for you in your mid and later years, than it did in your 20s. With over 840,00 asanas to choose from, I have never got bored in a class! In my 50s I am stronger than I have ever been and I can honestly say, I don’t struggle with my weight.

More recently, I have begun to study and understand the history and philosophy behind yoga, which has opened up a whole new world to me. The exploration of the ancient practices and beliefs of the first yogis and their followers over thousands over years, has enabled me to make sense of this art. Using breathe control, asanas and meditation to achieve calm in my life and reach emotional balance in times of turmoil and stress.

I have been so inspired by the impact that yoga has had on my life, physically and psychologically, that I wanted to share this knowledge with others who may not have considered yoga as something that they were suited to or had an affinity with.  After 7 years of working on my own practice, I started to study to become a yoga teacher and  qualified in 2019.

My wish is to show my students that yoga is for everyone, at whatever stage, for now and for life.


Yoga Classes at Leander

Open to Members & non-Members

Open to non members of Leander, as well as Members.  Free parking at Leander.  Suitable for all levels.  Large room overlooking the river. £15 per class. Drop in. Text Maddy on 07703 167069 to book your place.

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