31 January 2023

Have a go on a Hydrow

We’re delighted to announce that the gym has two state of the art Hydrow machines which all Members are welcome to use.

Hydrow is an internet connected rower that brings the on-water, outdoor experience of rowing inside. On the screen, world-class athletes lead you through challenging rows that engage 86% of the body’s major muscle groups – twice that of cycling or running. There are also yoga, Pilates, functional movement and strength training sessions for a full-body workout. 

Founded by former USA national team coach Bruce Smith and engineered by rowing experts, Hydrow recreates the feeling of rowing directly on the water via an algorithm-based, patented electromagnetic and computer-controlled drag mechanism. 

Try for yourself in the gymfind out how by clicking here

There are now two Hydrows in the Leander gym. Row along with Hydrow athletes including Henley Royal Regatta steward Aquil Abdullah, on waterways all over the world from Miami to Alaska to London to Lake Lucerne. 

If you’re feeling competitive, other users’ scores can be displayed on one side of the screen so you can pace yourself. Or, turn them off and be immersed in a Norwegian fjord, or Lake Tahoe. Go for as short or long as you like and as relaxed or hard as you fancy.  All sessions are automatically logged and you can track your progress. 

Expert opinion

James Cracknell said: “My first impressions of the Hydrow were what surprised and encouraged me to stay on the machine. It felt like rowing, the bio-mechanical movement matched that of both the boat and the standard to which all rowing machines are judged –  the Concept2.  The calibration also mirrored the Concept2 so the speeds/power made sense.  

“That is where the similarity ended. The Hydrow is smoother and quieter, the latter being a benefit for a home user who doesn’t want to be sent to the garage because it’s too noisy. The screen gives access to hundreds of beautifully filmed boat-eye views of waterways all around the world. You can choose an onscreen coach to guide you, or it can just be you and the water.

“If you don’t fancy rowing, there are thousands of guided yoga, Pilates, strength and mobility workouts.  You won’t get bored, as different locations and workouts are constantly uploaded.”

Member offer

Leander Club Members can get £200 off either the original Hydrow or the smaller Hydrow Wave. USA based members will get $200 off. For every purchase, Hydrow will donate £150 to the Leander boat club fund. 

The codes are:

Hydro – use code Leander200H

HydroWave – use code Leander200W 

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