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Boat Bay

Outstanding athletes deserve the very best equipment. Leander Club’s fleet of boats rivals only the national team. In our boat house we have world renowned Empacher doubles, quads, pairs, coxless fours, coxed fours, and several eights.

Our fleet gets maintained and upgraded regularly.

Our Partner Kanghua Sculls provides the junior team with Doubles and quad Sculls.

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Ergo Gym

The rowing machine or “ergo” is a really valuable tool in the Leander Club training programme. It’s the only objective measure we have in rowing. Every stroke can be analysed for power output. If an athlete is having a bad day there is no hiding. It’s a direct comparison to the person next to you. It is mentally challenging, as there is nothing to look at but the output monitor. The ergo is the ultimate test of the athlete where they can’t hide. It rewards consistency and rewards athletes that don’t give up. Throughout the year Leander Club Academy athletes will have to complete ergo tests.

Weights Room

Leander Club has a state of the art gym designed solely around rowing. Our setup compromises of full Olympic lifting weights with squat racks and lifting platforms.

We have pilates equipment for core stability and injury rehabilitation and also and a large stretching area. We provide spin bikes and cross trainers for rehabilitation and cross training.

The gym also has a surround sound music system and a 70 inch TV for video analysis.

Crew Room

The crew room is a place for the athletes to relax and recover inbetween training sessions. The room has a 40 athlete capacity and is fully equipped with comfortable furniture and a large TV. We feel it is important for athletes to be able to have their own place to switch off and forget about rowing when not training.

Spire Healthcare

Spire-logoLeander Club takes our athletes health and well being very seriously. For this reason we provide our athletes with free physio cover, 4 days a week with the help of Spire Health. If further investigation is needed, Spire health cover CT, MRI scans and X-ray scans free of charge to the athlete.

Throughout the year, athletes are screened by our physio to find potential problem areas. Bespoke programmes are written to help avoid injury in the future. Athletes are reassessed to see if improvements have been made. The physio also runs stretching and core stability sessions throughout the week.


Nutrition is vital for performance and recovery as an athlete. For these reasons Leander Club employ professional chef Scott Macrae to provide the athletes with healthy nutritious meals straight after training sessions.

Athletes can order their food straight after their session and have it ready within minutes. We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner at very heavily subsidised costs to the athlete.

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