Where learnt to row

I learnt to row at Surbiton High School coached by Bill Lucas and Stewart Walker


SCHOOL: Surbiton High School

UNIVERSITY: Newcastle University

Notable performances

Lola became inspired by Olympic sport watching London 2012 on TV and wrote in her diary that she wanted to win an Olympic medal one day.

She read it back and thought it sounded ridiculous so she ripped it out and threw it in the bin. Her Dad found the note and gave it back to her telling her to follow her dream. He passed away shortly after and she’s since dedicated her rowing career to his memory. Lola became World Champion in 2023 in the Women’s quad – the first time GB has won gold in that boat class since 2010.

2023 W4x Gold World Rowing Championships, Belgrade

2022 W4x Gold European Rowing Championships, Munich

2019 BW4x Gold  U23 World Championships, USA

Winner of CH 4X HWR 2019

Silver Medal at The Junior World Championships Women’s Quad Scull 2016

Two gold medals at t=The Coupe De La Jeunesse 2015 Women’s Quad Scull

Gold at BUCS CH 8+ and 4x



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