The IoD’s chief economist, Kitty Ussher, will present up-to-the-minute data on the state of the economy, and prospects for investment and growth at Leander Club on 8 April at midday.

IoD South is inviting Leander Members to attend the event at the reduced IoD membership rate.

With so much change in recent times, business leaders could be excused for having quite short-term planning horizons. In this discussion we will be taking a longer look ahead, through 2022 and into 2023 and beyond. What is a reasonable medium-term planning assumption for the shape and direction of the UK economy? Is it simply a reversion to trend, or has something fundamental changed as a result of recent events that business leaders need to be aware of, and incorporate into their planning processes? Subjects under discussion will include of course, the pandemic, the effect on the workforce, on productivity and consumer spending and how this plays into wider global trends including the longer-term impact of Brexit. What are the risks and opportunities for forward thinking business leaders today?

Ticket price includes a 2 course meal and welcome drink.

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