The next meeting of the Leander Investment Club is on 30th August.

Leander Investment Club meets at the Club every six weeks for a convivial and semi-serious look at the state of the World, and its stock markets, while at the same time reviewing its portfolio of shares. Each Member has skin in the game albeit not enough (at the moment) to lose sleep over. The primary object of LIC whether you are a serious investor or beginner is to learn from each other and hopefully prosper both in financial terms but equally importantly from good company and conversation.

The more serious stuff takes about 90 minutes and is followed by supper at the Club; another object of LIC….to enjoy the Club’s excellent facilities and menu.

All are welcome and there is no requirement for any financial expertise; common sense and an inquisitive mind are equally prized along with a sense of humour. If you are interested in joining  please contact Dick Lester: 07753 636522 or at

Contact for more information.

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