The Leander Trust Library at the Leander Club in Henley-on-Thames is proud to host Gavin Jamieson to the club to hold a talk about his newly launched biography, Water’s Gleaming Gold, the story of Hugh ‘Jumbo’ Edwards in aid of the Leander Trust. A finger buffet will be served in the beautiful club house.

The event is on 9th November from 7pm-10pm.

One wintry afternoon in 1943, a solitary airman lies injured and exhausted in an inflatable life raft. The debris of his Liberator bomber has disappeared beneath the waves of the Atlantic leaving behind a slick of black oil. He is the only survivor of a crew of eight. His name is Wing Commander Hugh ‘Jumbo’ Edwards, one of the greatest oarsmen of all time.

Eleven years earlier, at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, Hugh Edwards thrilled thousands with an astonishing two gold medals won in a single hour. On this winter afternoon, in the loneliness of the Atlantic and with darkness descending, he is now rowing to save his life.

Water’s Gleaming Gold is the incredible true story of the most extraordinary oarsman, Olympian, pilot, war hero and legendary British rowing coach. This is the tale of a man of courage and conviction – on a pursuit to redemption from public humiliation.

Gavin Jamieson is the grandson-in-law of Hugh ‘Jumbo’ Edwards and wrote the memoir of his life after being asked by his father-in-law, Jumbo’s youngest son, who felt it was important that the extraordinary life of his life was revealed. The memoir would serve to uncover the man behind the myth.

The Leander Trust is a registered charity (No. 284631) to advance the education of young people and their physical education by providing facilities – including grant awards – to enable and encourage rowing and sculling; and to help by providing facilities for recreation for those who need such facilities because of their youth, social or economic circumstances. A short presentation will be held to illustrate the benefit of the Trust.

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