11 July 2024

HRR 2024 Race Report

As the mud dries and the boat bays clear on another incredible Henley Royal Regatta, we look back on everything achieved by our squad last week. 

Twelve crews made up of 59 athletes reached Saturday’s semi-finals, across 10 events.  

Men’s Sculling 

  • The Double Sculls Challenge Cup
  • The Prince of Wales Challenge Cup 
  • The Queen Mother Challenge Cup 

Men’s Sweep 

  • The Thames Challenge Cup 
  • The Grand Challenge Cup 
  • The Visitors Challenge Cup 
  • The Ladies’ Challenge Plate

Women’s Sweep 

  • The Wargrave Challenge Cup
  • The Town Challenge Cup 
  • The Remenham Challenge Cup

From this, six crews progressed onto Finals day and came away with wins in four events. 

The Prince of Wales Challenge Cup 

Jack Keating, Oliver Costley, Levin Graf and Miles Devereux

The Queen Mother Challenge Cup 

Rory Harris, Tobias Schroder, Stephen Hughes and Liam Smit

The Double Sculls Challenge Cup 

Jamie Gare and Cedol Dafydd

The Visitors’ Challenge Cup

Bruce Turnell, Josh Bowesman-Jones, Pete Lancashire and Calvin Tarczy

Across the next few weeks, we will celebrate the success of each winning crew. 

Thanks go to the Colgan Foundation, Digby Fine English, Healthium Clinics, OOFOS and the support team behind the squad, without whom the success and smooth running of the week would not be possible. 

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