9 July 2024

Men’s Eight Named

A boat naming auction during Henley Royal Regatta raised a significant donation towards equipment for the club’s athletes and outreach programmes.

Visitors to Leander during the regatta were invited to place bids to have their chosen name inscribed on the club’s top men’s eight. The winning bid was from US-based Members, Bill and Mary Way, who chose the name Fit Via Vi, which translates as, ‘the way is by strength’.

The Empacher eight was named during a ceremony at Leander on Sunday 7 July, led by Leander Club Chairman, Pete Bridge. Click here to see the full video.

Mr Way, CEO and founder of Fit Via Vi, a financing and production company, christened the boat with a bottle of Digby Leander Pink sparkling wine. Mr Way said: “We are  so glad to be part of and support the work that Leander does not only inside the boathouse in training world class athletes, but also in the community developing athletes for the future. More importantly, giving those that might not be exposed to rowing, a chance to experience it and all the great skills that are developed as part of it.”

Mr Way added: “Donations are the easy part. Coaching the boat to achieve world class times and running the club are the hard jobs. We love what Leander is doing in not only developing world class athletes but reaching out to introduce this wonderful sport to those who would not normally find their way to a boathouse.”

Pete Bridge, Leander Club Chairman said: “We’re very grateful to Bill and Mary Way for this generous donation to the Boat Club Fund. I am delighted that Bill has won. The great news is we now have a wonderful boat to race in for the next five years. Bill and Mary, thank you so much.”

Peter Greenslade, Chair of the Leander Sponsorship Committee said: “We would like to thank both Bill and his wife Mary profoundly for their donation via the boat naming. It is massively appreciated and their continued support for the Club materially benefits our athletes.”

Fit Via Vi will be the top men’s eight for the next five years.

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