31 October 2023

Greatest Rowing Stories

Several Members of Leander Club have been published in a new rowing anthology, ‘The Greatest Rowing Stories Ever Told’. 

The book collects articles and excerpts of classic rowing stories, from the inception of the sport on English waters in the 18th century, through the scandalous era of professionalism (and gambling) of the 19th century, to the popular amateur sport of today. The contributors include prominent oarsmen and women, historians of the sport, and even poets and songwriters. Collected here are the great rivalries, the pageantry of the regattas, the poetic solitude of the single sculler, and many other aspects of a sport entering its third century.

Look out for stories written by:- 

Mark Blandford-Baker
Christopher Dodd
Robert Treharne Jones
Tim Koch
Peter Mallory
William O’Chee
Rick Rinehart
Thomas E. Weil

There are also older texts in the anthology written by:-
Rudolph Chambers Lehmann
Thomas C. Mendenhall
David Michael de Reuda Winser

The anthology is published by Connecticut-based Lyons Press and comes out in the UK on 1st December. It can be purchased from Amazon

The editor, Göran R. Buckhorn, is founder and editor of rowing website Hear The Boat Sing. He’s a lifetime member of Malmö Roddklubb (MRK) and co-founded the Swedish rowing magazine Svensk Rodd, for which he was co-editor. Göran is the author or editor of several books on the subject of rowing. He lives in Mystic, Connecticut.

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