21 February 2023

CUBC fixture

Leander Club raced Cambridge University on Sunday 19th February in our annual pre–Boat Race fixture.

The race was on the Championship course in London split into two separate pieces.

Starting in Putney the first piece was to Chiswick steps. Cambridge on the Middlesex side got off to a strong start and led Leander in the initial stages, but Leander were rowing long in a good rhythm and drew back level around the Fulham bend and continued to move through around Hammersmith to take the first race by clear water. The official verdict was 1½ lengths.

The second piece starting from Chiswick steps to the Boat Race finish just before Chiswick Bridge. Leander got off to a better start this time and led by ½ length but, on the Surrey side, the remainder of the course was an advantage to Cambridge on the inside of the remaining bends. Leander held on in a close race to win by a ¼ length despite a crab in the last few strokes which brought the crews even closer over the line.

Leander’s B crew raced the same pieces against Goldie. The Leander crew made up of mainly scullers led off the start but struggled in the rough water allowing Goldie to row back through.

In the second race, Leander put together a much better race to win by 1½ lengths. 

We would like to thank Cambridge for this fixture and we wish the all the best for the Boat Race on the 26th of March.

Thanks also to KCS for allowing Leander to boat from their clubhouse for the weekend.

Join us for Boat Race Roasts on Sunday 26th March! All-you-can-eat for £30pp and we will be screening all the build-up and races all over the Clubhouse.

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