4 October 2022

Lensday Needs You!

Nearly fifty years ago a member by the name of Len Habbitts, who was well known for his sculling in the Diamond Sculls in the 1930s and for competing in Tideway Scullers Head, decided that the Club needed to promote rowing activity amongst some of the older members of Leander. His solution was to organise outings on a Wednesday, followed by lunch in the bar with the crew and their friends.

This weekly tradition continues today as ‘Lensday’ with some members enjoying a morning outing before being joined by non-rowing members at 12.30pm in the Bar. This is followed by a convivial lunch in the Dining Room.

The Lensday Group welcomes new members – both Full Members and Club Members. If you are interested to join the group on a Wednesday at 12.30pm for a social gathering, or for an outing on the river before meeting in the bar before lunch, please contact Peter Taylor at prandbctaylor@btinternet.com for further information.

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