25 July 2022

New Kanghua quad

Leander’s cadet group recently took delivery of a brand-new Kanghua KX quad. The KX is the top-of-the-range Kanghua, using the very latest in pre-preg carbon technology – not only for the hull, but the bow-mounted wing riggers too. This boat has a new design of rigger that maximises strength and rigidity, so it will be a great asset to the junior squad. It certainly looks good, with its chequered carbon interior, and first impressions out on the water were excellent.

Kanghua have a few new developments up their sleeve, which we hope to benefit from in the future, not least a collaboration with another major manufacturer, which will significantly increase the hulls available, as well as lifting its boat-building technology still further.

Meanwhile, the junior squad are delighted with their new boat and we look forward to posting some impressive results in it soon.

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