6 January 2022

“Play Hard Fight Easy” evening workshop with winefulness

supper talks at Leander


6.30 PM

Stress, burnout, over-working, spinning plates… if any of these sound familiar then this session with Sarah Furness is a must!

Sarah is a former RAF Squadron Leader and helicopter pilot, who ran the air safety training for the RAF and wellness coaching for military personnel, whilst also juggling single parenthood and starting up her own company. During this time she discovered a very powerful secret.

War veterans are NOT naturally unflappable in crisis.

It’s a learned behaviour. And you can learn it too.

Discover proven methods used by combat pilots which have been refined through Sarah’s exploration and understanding of the human mind. You will learn “train hard fight easy” mindfulness techniques that will help you to achieve zen like levels of calm, greater productivity and improved mood.

Even better, graduate to the “play hard, fight easy” technique, which puts mindfulness into action… through wine-tasting.

There is nothing else like this out there…. and it WORKS.

Outcomes: Greater productivity, Improved decision making, Increased resilience under stress, reduced burnout, better relationships (ie less shouting, more smiling)


To learn more or register your attendance, please email Max at events@leander.co.uk

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