2 September 2020

The Leander ‘Family Weekend Brunch’

Every Saturday in the Clubhouse

The Club family brunch service us available from 10 am – 3pm, every Saturday.

Bring the family or even just make time for yourself with the paper!

The delicious new casual brunch menu has tempting and extensive options. Look out for the posh bacon sarnie with tomato chilli jam and alioli or the stacked American pancakes with maple syrup. Keep reading to see the full menu.

Please contact the events team by email or call the Club on 01491 575782 to make your booking. Once we know how many there will be, we can prepare everything for you and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Leander Family Brunch Menu

Something crunchy & fruity

Homemade granola with fruit compote and Greek yoghurt (v) – £6.50

Eggs, toasties and sandwiches

Croque madame (ham, egg, bechamel and cheese toastie with a fried egg) – £8.50

Sicilian style baked eggs with olives, artichoke, red onion, garlic and mozzarella (v) – £11

Spanish style baked eggs with chorizo, cannellini beans, sundried tomato and spinach – £11

Eggs Benedict – £6.50 (small), £9.50 (large)

Eggs Royale – £6.50 (small), £10 (large)

Eggs Florentine (v) – £6.50 (small), £9.50 (large)

Treacle cured bacon sandwich with tomato jam, aioli, baby gem lettuce and avocado – £8.50

Halloumi sandwich with mushroom, tomato jam, aioli, baby gem lettuce and avocado (v) – £7.50

Smashed avocado and poached eggs (v) – £6.50 (small), £9.50 (large)

French toast with bacon and maple syrup – £7

The full English!

Leander full English breakfast – £15

Burgers – served with fries

Cheese Burger – £12.50

Club sandwich – £10.50

Chicken burger – £10.50

Kids’ menu – all £5

Pasta, tomato sauce and cheese

Mini hot dog

Mini burger

Fish and chips

Desserts and treats

Banana split – £6

Brownie sundae – £5.50

Berry sundae – £5.50

American pancakes with syrup – £6


Fries – £2.25

Triple cooked chips – £2.25

Side salad – £3.50

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