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Guidance for Members

Guidance For Members

Guidance for Leander Club Members


The clubhouse is open to Members most of the year except for: Sundays after 4pm, (except for bedroom reservations); after lunch on Bank Holiday Mondays and Good Friday as well as for two days following Henley Royal Regatta (to restock); and the Christmas and New Year period from lunchtime Monday 23 December 2019 until Friday 3  January 2020.


The dress code throughout the Clubhouse is defined as  ‘smart casual’. Smart jeans are acceptable but not sports wear or trainers please. Members are reminded that the Club Pink livery and Club buttons are the strict preserve of Full (rowing qualified) Members and may not be worn by others. Leander Evening Dress is for Full Members only and comprises Dinner dress trousers and shirt, pink bow tie and cummerbund, traditional Club double breasted navy blazer with Club buttons.


There is a non-smoking policy including e-cigarettes  throughout the Club (including all bedrooms) which, in compliance with current legislation, is strictly enforced.


The Members’ Balcony with its river view is usually  available for dining from 12 noon to 1.45pm and from  7pm to 8.45pm daily. Reservation is essential.

The Bar is open from 11am until 11pm and less-formal  meals are available in the evening (except Sundays) until 8.45pm. No meal or drink service is provided after 4pm  on Sundays.

We are always pleased to tailor requirements for private  or corporate events – please speak to the main office.


Bedroom rates inclusive of breakfast for 2020:

Members single £97

Members double £119

Member’s Guest and Reciprocal single £132

Member’s Guest and Reciprocal double £154

Non-Members single £149

Non-Members double £175


Daily delegate rate £69.50

Residential delegate rate (24 hours) £199 per person


The Drawing Room is strictly for Members and their accompanying guests. It is intended as a sanctuary, away from club business activity and vocal or obvious electronic communications devices.  The Club staff are  always happy to advise on other areas of the Club where business meetings or private work may be conducted.


The Club does not own the car park but has allotted  spaces on the left as you enter. These are only available  for Members and their guests during visits to the Club.  Club parking space is often at a premium and Members  may not use the car park at other times. Members may not park between 7am to 7pm Monday 29th June and Tuesday 30th June and throughout the Regatta period between Wednesday 1st July until midnight on Sunday 5th July 2020.


Membership cards operate the parking barrier and the front door of the Club out of hours. Replacement cards are available from the office at a charge of £10.

Membership cards will now automatically trigger a 10% discount across the bar for food and drink purchases.

Any pre-arranged events will not be entitled to the  additional 10% discount across the bar.


There are an extensive number of clubs where we have reciprocal arrangements and Members may stay there as guests. The list of participating clubs and the code of  conduct for such visits are on the website and copies are  also available in the office. Click  here

There are also a number of concessionary arrangements  for goods and services that are available to Leander  Members and these are listed in the Member’s section of  the website.

Letters of introduction can also be arranged online by  logging into the Members’ area on the Leander Club  website. Click here


Staff gratuities are entirely at the Members discretion; they  are always well received but are not expected. Many Members choose to contribute to the staff fund which is distributed at Christmas.

The office staff are pleased to accept such donations during working hours.


A member of staff will be pleased to open the Pink Hippo Shop for you during normal office hours and at other time when commitments permit. Shop items may be purchased  on-line here.


Members are encouraged to bring their guests to the  Club where they will be most welcome (other than for  specific Members-only events). Members are responsible  for ensuring their guests comply with Club rules. Members  are also encouraged to propose new Members to join the Club and advice in this respect can be obtained from a Committee Member, the General Manager or the  Membership Secretary.


Members may not bring pets into the Clubhouse.


Although the Club is not set-up for children under 10,  we nonetheless welcome well-behaved children, other than  at Regatta, as part of private parties or with Members’  families provided they do not interfere with the enjoyment  of others. Families are especially encouraged during weekends.  We have a family bedroom but we do not have other child-friendly facilities. You are therefore advised to  bring your own high chairs and other children’s necessities. The restriction on children under 10 at Regatta remains in place.

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