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Leander Regatta Blazer Prices

Full Shield Blazer Full Member Blazer

Our suppliers have been instructed to supply blazers only to those Members who provide written authorisation from the Club as to their eligibility for each blazer.

1. The Full Shield Blazer may only be worn by those Leander athletes and coaches who are Full Members and have represented Leander in competition, typically at Henley or as a member of the Great Britain team.
2. The Full Member Blazer may only be worn by Full Members.
3. The Club Member Blazer may wear the blazer without any pocket badge.

Prices: All Blazer prices include VAT, all trimming and embroidered breast pocket badge, and the same prices apply for no-badge blazers). Listed prices for 2017, including VAT, but excluding club buttons and postage, are:

Walters and Co, Oxford
Polyester/Wool £199.99, Flannel Wool £299.99, Fine Wool £245.00

Andrew J. Granger, Bespoke Tailor, Savile Row & Henley-on-Thames
Prices from £450

Rowing Blazers
Cotton £199.00, Year-round Wool Flannel £399.00

A bespoke service is available from both suppliers on request

Cloth: The blazer colour is Navy Blue

Walters offer three grades of fabric: Polyester/wool, pure wool (flannel) and fine wool. Rowing Blazers offer two fabric options: Cotton, and year-round wool flannel

Edging: The blazer trim shows ¾” and is applied to the full blazer edge around the neck, front and base of the jacket.
Trim covers are provided on the top of each pocket and round the sleeve. Best-fit colour ribbon is based on Leander Pink (Pantone 1777).

Lining: The choice/style of lining provided is at the suppliers’ discretion. A Leander Pink (Pantone 1777 or near) viscose lining is available from Walters and Co at an extra charge of £100.

Pockets: Breast and two hip patch pockets are fitted, as well as two internal wallet pockets to the men’s blazer. The number and positioning of pockets on the women’s internal pockets are determined by the blazer cut.

Men’s blazer: The basic style is shown in the photographs above.

Women’s blazer: Based on the general style of the men’s but with a tailor fit to a twobutton front, and smaller lapels. Blazer length may be varied to suit.

Lapels: Straight-sided.

Buttons: Blazers for individuals authorised to wear either of the breast pocket badges are pre-fitted with Leander buttons. Men’s blazers carry three large front buttons, and women’s two medium buttons. Cuff buttons are optional. Blazers supplied to Club Members are fitted with plain matt metal buttons. Buttons supplied from the Leander Shop are currently £4.50 for large and medium and £4.25 for small buttons

Vents: Single, double or no vent.

Lapels: Include a working left-hand button hole with flower-retaining cord behind.

Cuff: Split cuffs are optional.

Personalised Blazers: Both suppliers offer a fully bespoke blazer service, and prices are available on application.

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