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This third, and final, part of an arduous expedition from Angola to the Indian Ocean will be made up of Leander’s men and women athletes, past and present.  Athletes will be marshalled and trained by double Olympic silver medallist and past Leander Captain, Debbie Flood.

The first 270 km row across the Cahora Basso Lake, to include a celebrity challenge, will be carried out on 7 August under the light of a full moon and also a partial eclipse.  Satellite tracking devices will allow for real-time viewing on the expedition and Leander websites as well as YouTube.

Four triple sculling boats, with six rowers allocated for each boat, will be supported by a professional team of medics, photographers, guides and drivers.  Safety procedures will take top priority, and it won’t be easy – there will be hippos, crocodiles and sharks.

RowZambique is expected to raise media attention as Leander approaches its bicentenary year with a range of opportunities for brands to engage with the club and its athletes.

For more information on sponsorship and campaign events, please call Philippa Bovey on 07887 510450 (corporate) or Paul Budd on 01491 575782 (members)

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