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The hippo auction closes at 7pm on Sunday 16 September. The lucky winners can collect their hippos from Leander Club from Monday 17 September. Postage can be arranged on request




150 - Linda Saul
Ended at: 189 days 14 hours 49 minutes 47 seconds ago

This auction has been sold to Andrew Adams at £76.00 .

Hippo 150

Artist – Linda Saul

“King of the River”

Inspired by – When I got my hippo to decorate I was fiaxted by the big gaping jaw. Aware of the reputation the hippo has for attacking boats (of which I have personal experience) I had the idea of inserting a single scull rowing shell in the mouth. The red, white and blue bunting is a reference to the contribution that the Leander Club has made to the Team GB Olympic medal hauls. It was inspired by photos of the open top bus tour in Henley after the 2012 Olympics.

Auction Ends 16th September 2018 at 19.00hrs

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