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After the excitement of last week’s time trial to qualify for the final, race day was finally here! A real race side by side!! It has been a while.

Leander Club had two scullers qualified for today’s women’s race, Georgina Brayshaw and Hannah Scott aged 21. This famous race consists of six scullers racing side by side followed by a flotilla of screaming coaches and umpires. This year because of the closure of Hammersmith Bridge the course started from St Pauls hard to just above UL boathouse. Both Leander scullers raced well in challenging conditions to achieve 3rd (Hannah Scott) and 6th (Georgina Brayshaw). Congratulations to the winning sculler representing Reading Rowing Club, Mathilda Hodgkins-Bryne.

In the men’s race, Leander once again had two scullers qualify for the final, Angus Groom and Victor Kleshnev aged 20. Angus took the race on from the start but finished in 2nd place. Victor paced the race well to come through in the final stages to take 4th place. Congratulations to Matt Haywood, representing Nottingham Rowing Club, for taking the win.

Thank you very much Quintin Boat Club for hosting us for this event.

Next up for Leander Club is Kingston Head next Saturday, where we are taking all our squad athletes to race.

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