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Digby Wine Tasting Evening

Digby Wine Tasting Evening

Friday 7th September

Members are invited to join us for an evening of wine tasting here at Leander Club.

This event is sure to provide some very rare and fascinating insights into the world of wine-making.

As a ‘negociant’, Digby buy grapes, juice, or finished wine from vineyards across the South of England and then bottle and sell them on the market. Although Digby use the same grapes for their wines, the tastes can be very different, as they reflect the soil and conditions they were grown in.

Trevor Clough, Digby’s CEO & Head Blender, will be regaling us with tastes and tales. Members will be able to try some of the different wines and enjoy a blending demonstration, which highlights Digby’s skill at blending their famous fizz.

We have two options for the evening:

Intimate Blending Salon, Range Tasting & Masterclass, & Dinner
£40 – 17.30 to 21.30

For those who would like to learn more, we are offering an ‘Intimate Leander Pink blending salon’ for up to 14 participants.

The evening starts at 17.30. Trevor will walk the lucky few through his craft by building up to the blend of Leander Pink, tasting Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay base wines and blending them together to create the magic that is our Club fizz.

This part of the evening is strictly limited to 14 guests. Members are therefore asked to invite a maximum of one guest only (but if you need more tickets, please contact us nearer the time to see if there are spaces available).

At 18.30, your tasting journey continues with the Range Tasting & Masterclass and then proceeding to dinner at 19.15. Tickets are £40 a head.

Range Tasting & Masterclass, & Dinner
£30 – 18.30 to 21.30

The evening starts at 18.30 with a “masterclass” presentation on Digby & English wine. Trevor will walk all guests through Digby’s adventure in English wine, including a tasting flight of all four styles of Digby’s trophy-winning sparkling wines: Digby 2010 Vintage Brut, 2014 Vintage Rosé, Non Vintage Brut and Leander Pink.

At 1915, join us in the Dining Room for a two-course dinner paired with two different styles of Digby’s excellent produce.

This part of the evening has open availability. Members may invite as many guests as they wish. Tickets are £30 a head.

Dress Code & Accommodation

Smart casual dress please (and if you can wear anything pink, so much the better!)

If you’d like to make an evening of it, why not stay with us too? Please click here to book online or call us when you make your booking.


To book, please call the Leander Club office on 01491 575782 or email

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