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Grande Champagne Vintage Cognac

Grande Champagne Vintage Cognac

Exclusive offer

Wrapped in Leander tissue and encased in a splendid wooden box, this special Cognac is available exclusively to the Membership at a price of £225.

This is probably half the normal retail value of such a fine cognac.

The Cognac is available for collection at the Club. Although orders can be posted at extra cost, they are not insured against breakages.

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Alternatively you can call the shop on 01491 575782 or email us at

There can be no finer companion to contemplate 200 years of the Club’s own journey

Almost twenty eight years ago, a Master Distiller in Cognac put aside a single cask from the 1990 Grande Champagne vintage, which he felt had considerable promise.  After two years in a “chai” beside the River Charante, the spirit was tasted again, marked by a cerise chalk and the cask sent to deep cellars under Bristol.

It is a journey that very few Cognacs make and it transforms the finest to “Early Landed Vintage Cognac”; gently matured in English cellars, rather than in France.  These spirits, known for their delicate and almost floral nature, are unusually fine and bring a grace and lightness to the best of cellars.

Three years ago, that cask, always destined for greater things and marked a quarter of a century ago for Leander, was bottled.  More in celebration than trial, the first bottles were exhaustively tasted by the Committee and expertly noted by a Master of Wine as a particularly fine spirit, smooth, sleek and delicate with warmth and long finis.

With just over two hundred limited bottles and the prospect of magnums later in the year, there can be no finer companion to contemplate 200 years of the Club’s own journey.


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